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If God Is My Shepherd,
I Already Have
Everything I Need!

God, the Creator of everything living, is our responsible and proactive caregiver. We are all equipped to proactively establish our own successful and happy life. Chances are, the things you've spent your entire life searching for were always with you, helping you search. 


"Brian is an out-of-the-box communicator whose fearless transparency and perceptive insights are guaranteed to bring out the best in his readers. Be prepared to re-think what you already know as you immerse yourself in the pages of this very 'next level' volume!

Bishop Jim Swilley

Founder, Metron Community; Bishop of Now Ministries

"Brian's book is a mixed bag of wisdom, salted with scripture that should be consumed slowly."

Victor Antonio, Television Host of Life or Debt

"Brians perspectives on Life, Purpose, Goal-Setting, and achieving your dreams are incredibly profound! As a life strategist myself, I share similar views on passion and I'm thrilled to see Brian's simple, yet profound and relevant revelations articulated in a manner where the reader cannot help but understand and comprehend."

Undrai F. Fizer, Author of "The Excuse-Less Life"


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