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Believe every word here. It's not false modesty at work. More than things I've done, I'm focused on what I still have to do. I want to have a positive impact on the way you think. 

Yes, I've gone to school, read and wrote some books, produced some music, stood on some stages and held some microphones. The fact that I'm still able to do those things after experiencing (and creating) tremendous obstacles is inspiring and humbling. 

I regret nothing.  With wisdom, yesterdays foolishness become tomorrow's fuel. Experiencing or creating them and learning how to respond to them is the true reason I learned to love the man in the mirror.


Don't expect me to sound like the 'other person' you heard. Like snowflakes, we're also designed to embrace the unique, godly creations we are. With that in mind, let the impact continue.

Grace to you,

Brian Anderson-Payne



About Me

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