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Created In The Image & Likeness of El Shaddai - You too, are more than enough.

Imagine the greatness of the sun and its ability to continue to burn endlessly. Unlike the fires you and I see here, the sun doesn't require oxygen to burn. If so, in space, I guess it wouldn't burn long (that's nuclear fusion stuff). The sun is enough for itself.

Imagine the greatness of the earth. For a multitudinous number of years, it’s been able to take care of itself. That is the way God wanted it. I must admit that, for a while, I bought into the whole “man is going to destroy the planet” idea. However, I've recently demanded a refund on that purchase. Everything we see today was birthed out of the earth. If it can produce oceans, mountains, gravity, electricity, energy, etc., I'm sure it knows how to defend itself from a species that has to learn how to stop peeing on themselves. No, friend, the earth is more than enough.

Now consider the greatness of man! Just the thought takes my breath away. We are designed in such a way that even attempts to explain it, or make sense of it create more questions than answers. God in you instructs the heart to beat consistently, from birth until death, even while your conscious mind sleeps. Why do sweat glands work? Why does hair grow? How does food become energy or waste and know exactly when and how to leave the body? I'm not consciously cognizant of those facts, but the 'god-part' of every one of us seems to know and functions accordingly EVERY DAY!

AND HEALING...The body heals itself! A doctor has never really healed our broken bones, or our flu-like symptoms (though I keep a box of Theraflu around during winter months :-)). Dr. Joseph Murphy says, “The doctor dresses the wound, but God heals it!” Such a powerful idea! God designed us in such a way that EVERYTHING you need, you already have. You are amply supplied.

It kind of puts a different, or goofy spin on having low self-esteem or wrong views of self, doesn't it? Considering that, doesn't it make you feel a little weird for allowing others, circumstances or situations (or even yourself) to belittle you? You are more than enough for every situation you'll ever encounter.

You've been hurt, and hurt others. You've done good and some bad. You've been this and that. However, that doesn't change the facts about you. “What if people reject me?” YOU are enough. “What if someone leaves me?” YOU are enough. “What if I disappoint myself?” “What if my past, or even my present is dirty?” YOU are enough. YOU are enough. I wasn't the first to say it. God was. I'm just repeating it. YOU are enough. Actually, you're more than enough.

God Bless,

Brian Anderson-Payne


“Don't Complain About A World YOU Won't Attempt To Change!”

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