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Create by Light


Mark 8:22 records the story of a blind man who was brought to Jesus by a crowd that was desperate to get him there. The man was blind and would have never reached Jesus without their assistance. However, the first thing Jesus does in verse 23 is lead the man away from the crowd that brought him there. The man didn’t separate himself. Jesus separated him. What if the man had separated himself before that day? He may have never even experienced healing the way he did. Everything good to you isn’t good for you. However, God knows exactly how to separate you when the time is right.

Not very long ago, I read a post written to warn the readers of the type of people to avoid. The post warned against negative people, backstabbers, self sabotages, dream killers, and more. There can be no doubt that some mindsets should be avoided for maximum productivity. However, I’ve an alternative route to accomplishing the goal.

Genesis 1 says God created the heavens and the earth, but darkness engulfed it. While consistent darkness was not a plan for God's newly created world, He spent no time stressing over the hindrances it would bring. Not a single word is uttered about the problem of darkness. His simple but profound example shows us how to address the problem. He doesn’t become frantic, depressed or agitated. He simply speaks, ‘Let there be light’.

Know it or not, you are a masterful creator. You’ve created, or accepted an entire world. The life you’re currently living is from your own design. The job you’re working didn’t hijack you. You filled out the application and began the intake process. The relationship you're in wasn’t a result of you being taken hostage. You chose to go on the dates and return the calls. You created it. If it's not what you desire, remember that you created it and therefore, you can change it!

There’s no need to become overwhelmed with the hindrances of your life's darkness. Simply create light. Spend no more time thinking about the kind of people you want to avoid or escape. That's robbing you of precious investment, light creating time. Focus on the type of people you want to attract. Let your conversation be more about that. Redirecting our focus to what we desire more that what we want to escape accomplishes two goals simultaneously. It allows us to move towards what we want while presenting us less desirable to what we don’t want. If you’re surrounded by negative mindsets, simply be authentic to who you are and speak up. The undesired mindsets will find you less appealing. You won’t have to escape them. They’ll eventually choose to abandon you. If your desire is to accomplish, accomplish, accomplish, and you’re surround by couch potatoes, simply be your authentic self and continue your grind. This isn’t appealing to opposite mindsets. They’ll choose to either get onboard with you, or find someone less aggressive. This way, you’re moving closer to your goal while becoming less attractive to others who have different goals.


  1. Don’t curse the darkness of your life. Appreciate it. It shows you that something's off.

  2. Invest time creating light. Identify and move towards the more desirable elements of your life.

  3. If separation is necessary, let God do it to avoid the possibility of separating yourself from those equipped to get you to your next plain.

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