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Someday Comes Today

It all begins so innocently, so powerfully positive. You believe with the innocence and limitless imagination of a child, that anything is possible. Anything! But as time passes, reason, bad experiences, setbacks, failures and disappointments come to life, suddenly, you back a step away from your earlier ambition.

You don’t lose your belief, You just take on the addendum, “well, it's still possible, but a few things would have to happen first.” You adopt a 'someday’ mentality.

There are voices shouting at you, trying to trick you. They’re trying to get you to allow the failure of yesterday to lower your expectation for today. They’re trying to appeal to your rational mind. But remember, when has anything extraordinary ever started in the rational mind? You believe that.

I would imagine it's difficult to hear if the environment you’re in isn’t conducive for this kind of talk. Environment has such impact when discovering.

Its great to have a forward thinking mentality. But not too far forward. Not so far forward that it totally skips today. It's no coincidence that this very moment is called the present. That’s exactly what it is. It's a gift given to you and me. We can do with it whatever we will, but keep in mind time is very precious. Use it wisely. You don’t own it. It's a loan.

Is there a better time than this? What makes it better? If not, , , what are you waiting on?

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