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I'll Take You...Aware that Updates Are Coming!

I was in a coaching session with my big sis & entrepreneur, Vanessa Collins a few days ago. She provided a revelation that was a game changer.

She said, ‘Have you ever realized how we spend money buying programs from Apple or IBM knowing very well that the programs are imperfect? We know they have flaws. They may occasionally crash and not perform as expected. We buy them anyway. We purchase them knowing that occasionally, we’ll have to perform an update. The creators are constantly working to fix the flaws, but they sell the programs to us imperfectly. More importantly, we buy them that way.

Those of us with perfectionist mindsets often hold back on releasing our creative ideas because, in our minds, things aren’t perfect. We don’t have all our ducks in a row. The problem is, this mindset often keeps us from ever completing or releasing them. I can’t count the songs, books, programs or ideas I’ve written that were never released because they weren’t perfect. I’m sure you have similar stories.

As Dr. Miles Monroe once said, ‘The richest place in the world is the cemetery. So many rich ideas that were never released.’

Well, no more!

You’re cheating the world. God gave you that idea to be a gift to others. Stop waiting. Stop sitting. Get that stuff out of you! If it's not perfect, work on it again later, but get it out! Its better to release it, even though it still needs work, than to eternally hide it away from the world.You owe us the gift that you are.

Those of us who already realize we need what you bring to the table are willing to take you, realizing updates may occasionally come.

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