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Its All Possible!

Had an interesting experience this morning. So my coach, Vanessa Collins, is getting me back into shape for some marketing for an upcoming project, right? I'm compiling some speaking videos. So I'm listening to one that's about two years old. Cool video. I just believe you'll love it. (shameless plug) :-)

So at one point, to illustrate the idea that anything is possible, I said, 'Everything was impossible until somebody did it'. Harmless statement, right? I'm sure someone reading this right now agrees. Yet since, I've had a drastic change of view.

I don't think everything is impossible until somebody does it. Who says it was ever impossible simply because it was yet to be experienced or manifested? That's saying things start impossible (negative) and have to become possible (positive). Perhaps, just the opposite is true (at least, personally). Everything is possible until its not. Things start with a positive. Everything is possible until someone convinces us its impossible.

Though it often struggles, our justice system boast to operate this way. Innocent until proven guilty. That's positive to negative. The negative to positive gives very subtle, but note worthy thoughts. When that's how we think, it effects our vibes or our energy. It'll impact how we meet people. We'll meet people with our guards fully up. We'll be giving them the side eye, constantly wondering, 'Ok, what's up with this person??'. You ever went into a relationship wondering what the person was gonna do to screw it up? No need for surprise once you got what you expected. We're all creators, so we'll always eventually attract what we expect most.

If that's too heavy, think of it this way. Whatever you look hardest for, you'll eventually find. You know the Badder-Meinhof Phenomenon? That's when you purchase a car and then, you seem to see that car everywhere you look. That car didn't suddenly become everyone's choice ride. You just notice that type of car more because its where your attention is. The negative/positive thing works the same way. You focus on negative, that's what you're going to see more of. The positive and the negative stand side by side. They have to. By definition, you couldn't have one without the other. So you've always got both choices. You pick the winner.

We're not born believing, 'If it ain't one thing, its another'. Neither are we born believing that 99 good deeds can be undone with 1, 2 or even 10 stupid, wrong moves. We weren't born with a mindset that encourages us to remember the flaws of a person over their strengths. What comes to mind when I say “Michael Vick, Michael Jackson or Al Capone? Did you think of the countless charities they supported, or the scores of individuals they helped? Probably not. Did you think of something negative? Be honest. If so, those are personal choices to see the negative over the positive. To see the positive instead confronts the pinch of our most uncomfortable experiences and makes those experiences a tool of greater discovery.

Everything potentially teaches us something and gives a discovery or “dissing the covers” experience. Everything potentially helps us. Nothing ultimately harms us. While I've not personally mastered this 'positive over negative' mindset, I certainly work toward it as I see its benefit.

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