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Compete or Collaborate

Competition is fueled by the belief that its me OR its you. If the basis is competitive, chances are you have to loose for me to win. There simply is not enough for everyone. I can't share mine because that gives you an advantage over me and simultaneously hands me a disadvantage (with this belief).

It's stressful to live in a mind space like that. You always have to be better than the next person. You can be satisfied only as long as no one else is building a better mousetrap. You’re forced to compete when you’re convinced there's not enough to go around. Competition requires a mindset that says it's you OR it’s somebody else.

Collaboration says not only am I not competing with you or you with me, but we're actually both invested in each others success. We now have two brains working on the same issue. Two is better than one. You're free to collaborate when you believe there's enough for everyone. Others don't have to lose for you to win.

We're made in the image and likeness of God. That image and likeness isn't physical as God has no form, or God has every form. Spirit is limitless. There's no boundry. There's no end to space, oxygen, strength, grass, trees, etc., You and I share the same benefit. If someone else gets the job you wanted, that's not the end of your opportunities. Another job exist. Even if it doesn't, you possess enough creativity to create one.

Embracing the belief that there is more allows you to see more. Embracing the idea of lack positions you to see lack.How much stress, worry and anxiety would be removed from your life just from realizing that you're not running out of opportunities or resources? Neither are you waiting to receive them. Your God is a proactive God that has already provided all that we have need of. Its our responsibility to discover this and adjust our lives to live by it. Even if it's initially challenging to grab, realize and begin to confess, 'I Already Have It All'.

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