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Time To Execute

We’ve all had some pretty good, or perhaps, great ideas. You know they were great because when someone else decided to act on them, you saw the results. There’s no shortage of creativity in you. Every day you creatively hold unplanned conversations or get through your day. If you can do it on one level, you can do it on any level.

You’ve seen a product or service and thought, ‘Wow. I had that idea!’ However, someone else possessed the commitment to execute. That's the only difference.

Stop convincing yourself the problem is a lack of money or knowing the ‘right people’. They’ve not stopped printing money and the ‘right people’ are still around. Studies say there are only 6 degrees of separation between us all. In other words, anyone in the world is only 6 phone calls away. Depending on the greatness of your idea, it could be less.

People can’t reject a book or play you never write, turn off a song you never sing or criticize a business plan you never create. Until you execute, even the excuses won’t work. Every idea is given for purpose so once you get passed every ‘no thank’, there’s nothing but ‘Yes!’ left.

One of our scariest thoughts is leaving earth with dreams still inside. Don’t let the fear of failure be stronger than the satisfaction of success. Start asking google ‘how do I…’ today. Stop planning if it's preventing execution. Ask the questions and follow through. Basically, I'm saying, ‘It's Time To Execute’.

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